How to Make a Secret Hideout in Minecraft


Introduction: How to Make a Secret Hideout in Minecraft

This is a very fun and creative trick. I hope you enjoy what I'm going to teach you now.
WARNING: I am not responsible and will not be responsible for any fights or damage to the house you build in minecraft.

Step 1: Step 1

So first you are going to need to build a house.
I always start at the base of the structure.

Step 2: Step 2


Step 3: Step 3

Now, make your hideout area anywhere in the house and make a door way without doors there.

Step 4: Step 3

So now, put signs on both sides inside of the doorway. Make sure that they are inside the doorway .

Step 5: Step 5

Now, you put a painting on the edge of the edge of all the signs as shown in picture......

Step 6: Step 6

Now,you can put paintings all over the house so it's not obvious that four paintings are stuffed together.
Try going through the paintings....... Then start making the inside of you official hideout!

Step 7: Thanks for Reading!

I hope this trick helps you in the future!



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