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Hi! I would like to show you how to make a self watering planter or (sub irrigation container), using recycled materials. Something such as this is great for starting a small indoor herb garden, however that does not mean you are limited as to what you would like to use it for.
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Step 1: What You Will Need.

Picture of What You Will Need.
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2 plastic bottles. (I will be using two, 1/2 gallon, peak tea bottles) 1 old sock Box cutter Scissors 1 permanent Marker 1 ruler ( or anything you can use to make a decent measurement) Soil and seeds 1 cheesy quote! "it's better to measure 10 times and cut once, then to measure once and cut 10 times."

Step 2: Make Measurements

Picture of Make Measurements
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Draw a straight line or dotted lines all the way around the base of the first bottle. About one half inch from the base should be good. This will eventually be the part of the container that holds your plants so, making good measurements will ensure that when you have completed building your planter it looks great!

Step 3: Cut Along The Dotted Line. . . .

Picture of Cut Along The Dotted Line. . . .
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Using your box cutter, Cut along the line you have made to remove the base of the bottle. And please practice safety! Always try your best to cut AWAY form yourself. If the blade slips it can easily slice your finger or your FACE! Not good.

Step 4: Measurements Part 2

Picture of Measurements Part 2
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If you still haven't finished drinking the liquid in the second bottle, now would be a good time to do that. Take your second container and instead of marking around the base, make a straight line all the way around the bottle just below the neck. This part of the container will be the bottom section of your planter and will hold a reservoir of water for your plant(s)

Step 5: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut along the line to remove the top of the bottle. Also remove the label. If you want to. If you have any trouble with glue you can put some orange oil or even lighter fluid on a paper towel, and you should be able to wipe it right off.
PirateKingLordAtomsk (author) 1 year ago
Yes, won't come out exactly the same as this one but very similar. Just experiment :)
Light-GTR1 year ago
Nice one !:) might be doing this just a quick question for the bottle can i use a
coca cola 3 liter bottle x2 tho