How to Make a Shell Wreath





Introduction: How to Make a Shell Wreath

Hi everyone I'm proud to present: how to make a shell wreath!!!!! Hope you enjoy ;)

Step 1: Supplies

1. A cheap wreath from a craft store, I got mine from Michele's:)
2. Hot glue gun
3. Shells from a craft store ( mine are from Michele's!!!)

Step 2: Step 1.

Hook up your hot glue gun!!!!!! :D

Step 3: Step 2.

When your hot glue gun it ready start applying shells to you wreath, it does not matter how many or how less shells you put, it's you wreath be creative!!!! :)

Step 4: Step 3.

Your done!!!! Now you can share the wreath with Someone special, or you can put the wreath in your room, the possibilities are endless. :)
<3- Angel



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    That's a great @AnnieMcD, next time I make another wreath I will use ribbon as a beautiful touch. Thanks!!!! Also your wreath is lovely!!!;)

    I made a shell wreath as a last minute Christmas present last year. The present I'd bought broke on the way home! The wreath was a great success & turned out to be a better idea than my original present. I tied white organza ribbon around the wreath first & glued shells around wreath & ribbon.

    2014 12:00 pm.jpg