How to send a virus through email or msn. (plus making a virus).

Picture of How to send a virus through email or msn. (plus making a virus).

Some people may know how to make a shutdown virus, but not many people know how to send them through MSN or E-mail.

This will show you how to make and send them.

My next Instructable will be how to Over-ride a shutdown if you get one of these sent to you.

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Step 1: Creating The "Short-Cut"

Picture of Creating The

First go to your desktop and "Right-Click", now click "New". You will get a list, click "Short-Cut".

A box should come up as shown.

Step 2: Creating The "Short-Cut"

Picture of Creating The
In the box type (or copy and paste) the code given below:

shutdown -s -t 20 -c "Type a message here"

The code above will force a shutdown on the computer in 20 seconds with a message given.
replace "Type a message here" with a message that will come up on the victims computer, but leave the quotation marks =)

-s = Shutdown
-f = Force shutdown (Optional)
-t = Time
20 = 20 seconds (replace it with anytime, such as, 00 05 10 20 , as long as it has two digits.)
-c = Comment

Step 3: Naming And Changing The Icon

Picture of Naming And Changing The Icon
Click "next".

Now you should be able to name the file.
Name it something that you think your victim will click on, such as "Pac-Man".

once you have made the file right click it and select "Properties", and then find             "Change Icon...".

Click it, and then click "OK".

you will have a list of file icons.
You can choose from any but I personally choose the file icon.
Once selected click "OK".

Now click "Apply" and "OK".

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messmaker (author) 5 months ago

This is a very well known strategy and has since (in my opinion) been made obsolete. This has no real "virus" capability and should be viewed as such.

I wrote this at a time in my life that I was much younger and very naive. I suggest to anyone attempting this; learn elsewhere. This is amateur, if anything it should be viewed as a prank on a gullible friend.

Sorry if I have wasted your time.

hey bchkraborty i intermediate/begginer hacker i also know how to bypass and get into state and politacal stuff and pin on someone else. and good at engiring on pc and laptops i can put just about anything on pc by enginering not hacking wise but still good at hacking.i also live in hermitage tn by nashville and mt juliet by hermitage and iam willing to join if you are fine and a know a lot of people in ghostshell and anymous spelled wrong
could you send it through facebook?
messmaker (author)  killdeath1013 years ago
Yes but it not malicious, only a shutdown.
try step 4-5 on my latest instrucable to learn about how to send malicious code through facebook
hey dude, you can get me on face book, I am eager to know more how to programm dangerous viruses,I have also opened a group ,secret group for virus programmers I would be happy if you join there,there are only two members,you can send your reply through your facebook account
can you invite to that group...

im just a newbie in making viruses..^_^

bruno19653 years ago
can some one send a virus to my cheating wife on facebook...anit that the one
gwim3 years ago
can someone please help as im not well up on things like this.

a guy thinks its fun to ridicule me and come out with sickening comments because i am a wheelcahir user, i have asked the owner of the site to remove the thread lots of times but he just ignores me because he's his friend.

I have friends on there but cannot go on because this person stalks me eveytime i go on and comes out with the comments.

Could any, or all, of you nice people please use your skills and please send the sick owner who keeps allowing this to happen a nice suprise please.

his address is

here's hoping, thanks
murray1233 years ago
I've just been financially f*cked over by my former flatmate and former landlord.

If anyone wants to send them something on my behalf please feel free to do so!

Their email addresses are:

and /
MH1213 years ago
Hi wondering if you could help me!? Need to send something like this to someone via email as i do not have access and I am somewhat computer literate but would like some help with doing this if possible?
messmaker (author)  MH1213 years ago
No worries, message me or add
jackclone4 years ago
can my computer get it virus
messmaker (author)  jackclone4 years ago
yes any computer in the world can get a virus.
hi messmaker i want to do virus coding so can u give me the basic idea
dublime4203 years ago
hey just so you know i followed all these steps named it and it shows up as shutdown with no icon when i go to send it
messmaker (author)  dublime4203 years ago
zipped folder?
messmaker (author) 5 years ago
 its my FIRST EVER instructable, please comment and rate well =)
erm it doesn't work anymore cause the mail system goes in the zipped folder and detects it.
messmaker (author)  jchang23 years ago
encrypt it with a password?
 Nice thx trying it now

sgarreta3 years ago
you shoud remeber that you can abort the action by runing shutdown.exe -a
messmaker (author)  sgarreta3 years ago
that is in a separate tutorial.
but yes that is very easy.

although you don't need the ".exe" extension...

shutdown -a will do the same thing.
my brother keeps messing with my computer and it's starting to really drive me crazy, any other ideas on how get him back?
thx :-)
it's not working for my vista PC
messmaker (author)  The Dark Lord4 years ago
it should do.

shutdown -s -f -t 20 -c "type a message here"

thats the code for forced, if u put the code in the wrong context it wont work.
can you force stand-by?
jackclone4 years ago
s.saini4 years ago
how to make shutdown command in window 7 using /t or /f
Screamo4 years ago
Ugh, do this to me and ur dead!
NicOmbra4 years ago
What does Force Shutdown do?
messmaker (author)  NicOmbra4 years ago
closes all open programs without asking if you would like to save or not.
Taze-T4 years ago
messmaker (author)  Taze-T4 years ago
ig gets funner as you get more complex =P
loinhead4 years ago
You can have more than 2 digits on the timer
messmaker (author)  loinhead4 years ago
you can have as many digits as you want =] but if you want it to be like, 8 seconds, you have to write: 08. you could write -t 1000, and it would take 1000 seconds.
coretj4 years ago
Is there a way to incorporate an auto shut down with an onload or onclick command?
messmaker (author)  coretj4 years ago
that would be the shortcut. just leave it on ur desktop and double click it when u want it activated. or do you mean, your victim clicks the cursor anywhere on screen, and it activates the shutdown?
messmaker (author) 4 years ago
closes open programs such as MicroSoft Word. if u dont include it, it will give the option to save it, hense delaying the shutdown.
noob_hacker5 years ago
this really worked i just needed on how to send it and it worked.

good job

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