Picture of How To Make A Simple Envelope
What You Will Need

1: Scissors
2: Sticky Tape And Or Glue
3: One A4 Sheet Of Paper
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Step 2: More Folding!

Picture of More Folding!
Folding The Two Corners To The Middle (To Make The Variation Skip This Step )
Then Fold Bottom Up 2cm Over  The Two Corners That You Just Folded
Fold Tip Inside The Envelope

Step 4: How To Seal It

Picture of How To Seal It
This Is The Variation 2 Envelope, The Mini Envelope

The First Piece Fold It Diagonally Like The First Fold, And Cut It
Fold The Top Down 2.5cm At The Widest Part
Make A Mini Envelope Put Glue On The Back Of It Glue And Put It On
Put A Dot Of Glue On The Mini Envelope And Seal It And You Are Done