How to Make a Simple Flower in Clay




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Introduction: How to Make a Simple Flower in Clay

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Below are the steps to follow to make a flower in clay. Anyone regardless of experience level can follow along.

Step 1:

Roll out 1/4" x 3-4" piece of clay

Flatten and cut into 5 equal parts

Take 1 piece. Shape into oval and flatten.

Step 2:

Repeat with all pieces

Pinch end and shape like petal

Step 3:

Scratch and score end of petal

Scratch back of second petal and join both petals

Blend clay until uniform

Step 4:

Score & scratch second petal

Repeat until all petals are joined

Step 5:

Shape a bean size clay into a star

Scratch and score

Scratch back of flower and attach

Step 6:

Turn flower over

Make 3 petals 1/2 the size

Add them inside to complete flower



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    just gave me a new way to do my flower tnx

    Very nicely done! I like the nice, simple method you've shown here. Thank you!