A simple fly trap made from only a plastic bottle, and some cola.
I did this with a 2 liter soda bottle a few years ago. <br>If you have a dog, you have bait, if you get my drift.<br>Worked like a charm.<br>Thanks for a great Instructable!
what if they get out out of the hole?
Its impossible for them to fly or get out of the hole, because of the shape.
Oh, thank you.
But what if you have complicated flies...? ;-}
make a smaller hole by getting some paper &amp; using ur origami skills fold it onto a cone &amp;tape it in the sod bottle it works a charm for them smart ones
Great for "distracting" bees too - then you can release them safely away from kids. African bees can be quite nasty and unwelcome at picnics and camp-sites.
Yeah, they love Beer also!

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