Picture of How To Make A Simple String Bookmark
This Instructable will show you how to make an easy bookmark.  All of the materials used could easily (and cheaply!) be obtained from a craft store.  This makes a great gift for anyone who reads.  I highly recommend you read all steps before attempting this project.
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Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

Picture of Gather Needed Materials
Here are the things you will need:
1. Craft thread - I would buy at least 50 yards.  Each small "Bundle" is 10 Yards.
2. Tape
3. Scissors
4. Beads (optional)

Step 2: Get Ready...

Picture of Get Ready...
First, pick 2-3 that you would like to make into a bookmark. Measure out the threads to twice the Length you would like the finished bookmark to be.  Cut the threads to the same size.  Put the ends of the thread together, and tape it down to a hard surface.  Make sure you have a bead nearby if you would like to use one in your bookmark.

Step 3: Twist It!!

Picture of Twist It!!
This is the fun part! Grab all of the strand of yarn at the un-taped end, and start twisting them.   This could take several minutes.  You should stop twisting when the thread starts bunching up into little clumps.

Step 4: Folding Time!

Picture of Folding Time!
When you have seen the small clumps appear, stop twisting.  However do not let go of the ends of the string!! If you would like to add a bead to the end of your bookmark, thread it on the end of the string, and slide it down to the middle.  If not, hold your finger in the middle.  Next, pull the other end of the string away from the tape, while still holding on to the other and of the string.  Now fold the string on itself, while still maintaining the pressure of pulling on the ends.  If you used a bead, it should now be on the end of the string.

Step 5: Finishing the Bookmark.

Picture of Finishing the Bookmark.
This step is very hard to document, as it happens instantly.  While holding the ends of the string, suddenly let go of both ends at the same time.  If needed, straighten the string out again and repeat.  Smooth out the string, and your bookmark is complete! 
suayres4 years ago
One way to accelerate the twisting process is to use an old-fashioned, egg-beater style hand drill. Tuck the free end of the cord in the collet of the drill & tighten it down, then crank away until you have achieved the right tension. I've used this technique in making necklace cords. DON'T try this with a power drill, there's too little control!