Step 5: Finishing the Bookmark.

This step is very hard to document, as it happens instantly.  While holding the ends of the string, suddenly let go of both ends at the same time.  If needed, straighten the string out again and repeat.  Smooth out the string, and your bookmark is complete! 
One way to accelerate the twisting process is to use an old-fashioned, egg-beater style hand drill. Tuck the free end of the cord in the collet of the drill & tighten it down, then crank away until you have achieved the right tension. I've used this technique in making necklace cords. DON'T try this with a power drill, there's too little control!
Thank you for this!&nbsp;I got some metallic pony beads and a multipack of craft thread and just made a half dozen of these for my family at Christmas. I found that overtwisting them makes for a tighter design. I knotted the strings once at the end opposite the bead so that they won't come unraveled, and it's great - thanks again!<br />

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