Step 1: Find a Large Area

About a 11x11 area

Step 2: Put Wood

Put wood around the area

Step 3: Put Dirt Down

Step 4: Put Down Walk Way

I prefer cobble stone

Step 5: Put Water Down

Step 6: Put Down Walk Way (exit)

Step 7: Put Fence Down

On the wood

Step 8: Kill Any Animals in Your Way

This is not a step there was just a chicken in my way : sorry chicken

Step 9: Put Half Slabs: Over Water

Over the water not the dirt/ grass

Step 10: Hoe the Dirt/ Grass

Step 11: Plant Seeds

Step 12: Put Torches on Each Corner

Step 13: Completed

<p>Thanks for helping I am a Newbie</p>
This looks really cool
Nice design. I was looking for a stylish garden anyway. Thanks!

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