One day I looked around at all of my friends, and they all had techno-color, rubber bracelets going up to AT LEAST their elbows. I looked at my friends and said, "Why do you have so many bracelets on?" They responded with, "We made them ourselves!" While that didn't answer my question, I needed to know how they made those bracelets! I eventually figured out that they used a device called the Rainbow Loom, so I went out and bought my own. As I figured out how to make them, I realized people don't have charms on theirs! So instead of spending five bucks on a pack of 3 charms, I made my own.

Step 1: Supplies

To make a single bracelet with a custom charm you will need...

For the bracelet
-Two or three different color bands
-Rainbow Loom
-Rainbow Loom hook

For the charm
-Colored pencils
-Hot glue
-One Rainbow Loom band
So, AWESUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did it used to be called Fun Loom?

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