Picture of How To Make A Smoke Flare/road Flare
This how to make what is shown above i cannot and will not be responsible for your actions so do this at your own risk PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE SAME TUTORIALS youtube.com/user/luis45752
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Step 1: Get Your Materials This Is Basic Chemistry And Everything It's Inexpensive

Picture of Get Your Materials This Is Basic Chemistry And Everything It's Inexpensive
Toilet paper rolls spoon and pan don't eat the mixture and don't reuse the spoon nor the pan for regular cooking get sugar and some way to cook outside also sugar please if you plan to recreate this project do it outside for safety reasons

Step 2: Start Measuring

Picture of Start Measuring
The measurements have to be close not perfect shake well for beter results make sure you crush the clumps

Step 3: Start Cooking On Low Medium Heat

Picture of Start Cooking On Low Medium Heat
This part is very important put on medium low heat other wise crazy things will happen and always keep safety in mind

Step 4: End Result

Picture of End Result
It's done now put in the container (toilet paper roll) don't eat what looks like peanut butter it could be dangerous

Step 5: Light And Throw

Picture of Light And Throw
Now the fuse is also homemade but I'll make a video on that soon now don't use this for destructive purposes this is just for educational reasons so do it at your own risk

Step 6: Safety

Now this smoke is non toxic but it burns at high and i mean high temperatures so don't get too close and don't breath it in because the burned carton can be dangerouse please subscribe to my YouTube and to that person who asked yes stump remover contains 99+% kno3 shake the mix of sugar and kno3
TristanM53 months ago

what is the channel

oldmicah2 years ago
In step two, it says to shake well first, but I don't understand which ingredient you are supposed to shake.

Could you list (in the text) the ingredients needed and clarify if stump remover is kno3?

many thanks!