Picture of How To Make A Soccer Ball
After a recent trip to Zambia, my church returned with various "souvenirs". One of them being a "soccer ball" the kids kicked around. This Instructable is a variant on their design.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Picture of Gather Your Materials
You'll need a half sheet of poster board, tape and 5 plastic bags (obtain from your local Target or Walmart).

Step 2: Fold your poster board into a ball

Picture of Fold your poster board into a ball
Simple, roll it up like your balling up a piece of paper.

Step 3: Package the Paper

Picture of Package the Paper
Place your ball in a bag.

Step 4: Tuck the Bag

Picture of Tuck the Bag
Slide the paper into the corner of the bag and twist it two to three times.
Then place the twisted end into the top of the same bag (see picture 2)
Tuck one handle in the bag, and lift the other over and around the ball shape.

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 With Every Bag

Picture of Repeat Step 4 With Every Bag
You want to repeat Step 4 until you use your last bag, or until the handle fits tightly around the ball itself. (Tightly being no more than one finger will fit into the space between the handle and the ball.)

Step 6: Tape It Up

Picture of Tape It Up
Run a cross of tape around the ball to hold it tight.

Step 7: Goof Off

Picture of Goof Off
Finished! You're now playing soccer with what many orphanages in Africa use. My friends and I actually use these for indoor dodgeball, paintball targets, enlarged hackey sack. Use your imagination!
Thanks for reading!
Foaly74 years ago
I'm making a full-sized one.

It might end up too heavy though...
mberg5 years ago



casey321b7 years ago
i made one before with newspaper then wrapped in duct tape
Mitten7 years ago
You took toys away from Zambian children?
EPHS009 (author)  Mitten7 years ago
Haha, no. We brought them some soccer balls we had bought before leaving for Africa, and we gave them to them, and one of the kids gave us their ball in exchange.