Many people rely on electricity or gas, but have you ever thought about using the power of the sun to cook?  
  -Here is a green, eco-friendly idea.

Step 1:

How to...
     -Cardboard box (any kind will do)
     -Plastic wrap
     -Aluminum foil
<p>That is a really cool solar oven! it is so simple but it works right?</p>
<p>fabian is awesome</p>
<p>hah gothim</p>
<p>thank god for a mircle like this it seems liget</p>
<p>thank god for a miricle like this solar oven it seems legit</p>
<p>no it is not i will not be using this</p>
<p>This is a good idea! Will be using it</p>
<p>lane is awsome</p>
<p>This solar oven was a blast to make can't wait to make it again! #SOMUCHFUN</p>
<p>Awesome! Glad you liked it!</p>
<p>Its Great. </p>
<p>what if you don't have cling film?</p>
I knew how to do this with a pizza box since I was like 9
<p>thank you for that amazingly inspirational word killerkitty1000</p>

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