How To Make A Spring Pole Toy For An Energetic Puppy

Picture of How To Make A Spring Pole Toy For An Energetic Puppy
This is my Vizsla puppy, Dexter. When he is a bored puppy, he is a very bad puppy! I wanted to make him some kind of spring toy so that he could burn off some energy. The only problem is that we have a yard that has no trees from which to hang anything off of. After a bit of brainstorming, I came up with this neat little toy!

If you have trees in your yard where your dog can play safely, you can skip the hangar and simply tie the spring to a branch.
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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Picture of Tools and Supplies
You will need a storm door chain kit, an over the fence planter holder, 10 feet of heavy rope, some kind of twine or similar string, a 1" split ring (ie. key chain ring), jingle bells, a 3 or 4 foot strip of polar fleece, scissors, cutting pliers and a measuring tape.

The project materials cost me $15 to buy and approximately 30 minutes to make. You can find everything you need at The Home Despot and the Dollar Store.

Step 2: Removing The Chain

Picture of Removing The Chain
One end of the spring has a chain, which we do not need. Use the cutting pliers to remove it. If you have a hack saw, you can cut the mounting bracket off. I'm not worried about keeping it on, since the dog only plays with the rope.

Step 3: Adding The Split Ring

Picture of Adding The Split Ring
Put the ring on the spring on the end from which you just cut the chain off of.

Step 4: Adding The Rope

Picture of Adding The Rope
Thread the rope through the end of the spring without the split ring, find the center of the rope and make a knot.

Step 5: Adding The Bells

Picture of Adding The Bells
String as many bells as you want, onto the twine. Tie the bells onto the rope, above the knot on the rope. Cut the excess string.

You can skip adding bells to the toy, if you want. I find that the bells make noises that encourage and excite the dog to play with the toy.
HEY YOU3 years ago
Nicely conceived toy - you should know that your blog link is broken...

Doggie Stylish (author)  HEY YOU2 years ago
Thanks for the compliment & I'll check up on the blog link.
saosport2 years ago
Thanks I think I will be making this for my weimeraner he has the same busy issue:)
sunshiine3 years ago
He is sure having fun playing with this! My daughter's nick name is Dexter. Hubby gave her that name many years ago and it stuck. Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!