In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a spring powered gun that can shoot paintballs, rocks, etc.

Step 1: Materials

5 foot piece of PVC (3/4 inch)
1 foot piece of PVC (1/2 inch)
PVC cutter or Hacksaw
3/4 inch T Joint
3/4 inch end caps (x3)
Strong, long spring (see picture)
Stubby, weak spring (see picture)
Balsa wood (or Bass, Poplar, etc.)
Electrical tape
Drill+ Bits
Nail (one only)
Airsoft 20mm rails (Optional)
Airsoft Red Dot Scope (Optional)

Step 2: Body Assembly

Cut the 3/4 inch PVC to the following lengths-
Barrel- 45 cm (or whatever length you want it to be)
Magazine- The length of your SHORT spring minus 0.5 cm.
Stock- Length of your LONG spring plus 2.5 cm

Cut the 1/2 inch PVC-
Piston- 6 cm

Step 3: Magazine

1. To make the magazine, Cap the previously cut PVC.
2. Cut your wood into a Circle that will fit into the PVC snugly.
3. Tape the wood to the top of the spring.
4. Insert the spring into the magazine, wood on top.

Step 4: Operating Spring

1. Tape the "Piston" (1/2 inch PVC) to the Long spring.
2. Drill a hole all the way through the bottom of the piston (see picture).

Step 5: Stock

First, draw your grove (for the nail to stick out of)
Then, draw the notch (to lock the spring back.)
I have 2 notches, one for hight velocity and the other for medium velocity.
Depending on the strength of your spring, the size of your groove will vary.

Now, here is the hard part- cutting out the groove.
I drilled it out and then cleaned it with a chisel (Picture 2), instead of cutting it (it was much easier).

Then, drill a Large hole in the back (Picture 3).
Now, put the spring with the piston into the stock.
Push it down a little bit and push the nail through the hole and the hole in the piston (Picture 4).
Picture 5 is the final result (of the Stock).

Step 6: End

Now, reassemble the gun and, you're ready to go.
I actually did this in reverse order. I was at ACE, wondering what I might need for my next project and I found sooo many springs! So obviously, I bought over $30 just in springs :D . I've always wanted to do a spring-powered project, but salvaging them out of pens is always a hassle because they're rarely standard. Thanks for the instructable, now I get to use my springs!
Where'd you find the springs?
I got mine frome 2 nerf recons By the way i used the lighets from the recon and made mine into a nerf snipir but can double as a airsoft bazzoka<br>Skaterqwertyuiop awsome ible<br>
Thanks man, really appreciate it.
you should add a trigger<br />
if you look at the metal denting version by camdav32 it has a triger and is very similare to this one
wow, sounds like one BA project for a few hours on a Saturday.
how far does it shoot?
It depends on which springs you use and, how far back you cock the gun.
So what's the best range you've gotten out of this set up? Not how far the paintball will go, how far away can you fire and actually mark a target?
Sorry, but I have never used it in a match or even for long range target practice (I've been successful for 50ft, but haven't tried further). It also depends on the spring, etc. as stated above.
Not bad for a spring! I would have thought you would have to pull it back further than the four or five inches to get a really good push. In addition to paintballs, this could also work with nerf microdarts. I think the regular ones would just mush in the barrel.
&nbsp;Nice stuff! i thought about this and figured id try so i searched it and ive been using yours as a general guide! Thanks! subscribe to me and ill have some pics of it up soon!
how far does YOURS shoot?
did it cost much to make and where can i get the scope from. nice job by the way
It cost around $8 (excluding the scope). I got the scope from <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.evike.com">www.evike.com</a> , when i bought my JG/KS P90 airsoft gun. Thanks.<br/>
where can i get the springs? (this looks awesome!)
The ACE hardware store (if you live in the USA)
thanks alot!!!
Oh, if you plan on making it, be sure to put a blow dampener (like a cottonball) on the end of the piston, so it doesn't break the paintballs in the barrel.

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