Introduction: How to Make a Stong Poseable Minecraft Toy Under $5

this is for the toy contest hope you all like!

Step 1: Cube

we will make a cube of 1 inch by 1inch on each side and connect together

Step 2: Gluing

now that we have our cube together we can no hot glue the inside to give that action figure feel to this and makes it strong and bulky.

Step 3: The Body

we will now move on to the body

Step 4: Body

we will start by creating a 1and a half inch by 1 inch rectangle.

we will then add a half in rectangle in thickness on the side and will be 1 and a half inches tall( remember if having troible print measurements on line.)

Step 5: Glue Inside of Body and Cut Shape

you will fill the body up will hot glue and let side untill harden and cut like in picture to get the shape.

Step 6: Arms and Legs

we will now make the arms and legs

Step 7: How to Make Arms

we will have a 1 and a half inch long arm

Step 8: Glue Inside of Each Arm

yeah so um....glue inside of each arm

Step 9: Legs

we will now make the legs which will be 1 and a half inch to 2 inches tall or less

Step 10: Assembly

follow pictures


knexpert101 (author)2013-07-03

That is cool bc a guy on YouTube makes those

kidkid108 (author)2013-06-15

yeah its pending and thanks for showing my the site

flapper501 (author)2013-06-15

Um, if you go to, there are free templates of things exactly like this. Also, the formatting could use a little work and it's not entered in the toy contest.

kidkid108 (author)2013-06-15

Please comment to see if you like it ot not

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