Picture of How To Make A Stop Motion
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
13, 7:27 PM.jpg
13, 7:27 PM.jpg
I use fishing wire for flight, Rubik's cubes to hold my iPod in place and Lapse It for the actual pictures and animating.

Step 2: Subjects

Picture of Subjects
For this I will use elemental slimes (designed by BABLOON1424 and recolored by me)

Step 3: How To Secure Fishing Line

You won't see it on camera so I need to explain it. Wrap it around the subject and secure like a shoelace. Do this with two lines so the subject won't go all over the place. Sadly I can't show you the finished movie. :(. You can make one yourself though. Happy animating!
Transforminglegodude (author) 2 years ago
Of course you can use any app. I just like Lapse It
Cool! Thanks for the info!