Now this will show you how to make a stopper it flows out water by pressing a button no red stone needed you will need 1 ice block,one stone button,one stone block

Step 1: The Base

First place down a stone block BTW you can have it any where in each biome

Step 2: The Button

Place a stone button on the front part of the stone block

Step 3: The Ice Placement

Put a block of ice on top of where you put the stone block

Step 4: Locked and Loaded (not Done)

Wait for the ice to melt then when it does push the button (if wanted)

Step 5: Your Set There All You Need Do Is Push the Button

Just push the button
<p>hi I'm making an instructable n at the last step it tells u to type in two keywords can u pls tell me what to do?</p><p>Pls reply soon</p>
Yeah jm1
Austy dude I'll do that idea
<style type="text/css">body { background-color: rgb(194,194,194); } </style> You could fill whole canals with that!
I have a Idea for a indestructible!<br>Furniture+etc.
No it does not stop flowing
<p>Does the water flow stop when you press the button again?</p>
Hey dude can u give me a idea list them in the comment section

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