Step 7: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly
So now we have a wrapped frame... Time to "cake-ify" it!

All of the little decorations you made earlier -- stick them on your cake... Randomly. Given the temporary nature of this cake, I used packing tape.

Next up -- attach the candles. For me, more packing tape -- but only because I forgot to bring zip ties. Tape, or zip tie the candle mount to the vertical supports on the top tier... If you want to be really fancy, you can add them on the bottom tier too. But I used three candles as my 2" PVC was recycled.

Next -- add your big frosting bits... Secure with more tape.

Then, attach your top tier paper. Secured with tape and cut to fit and interface with the candles.

Lastly -- add your edge icing. Really, if you have hot glue -- use it. These were especially delicate as there wasn't much surface for the tape to bond to.

Now, just tuck any extra fabric under the cake -- and it's done!