Wire Wrapped Rings are always popular and fun to make.  You can wear them or give them as gifts.  In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make a Wire Wrapped Ring with a Swarovski Pearl.  

Step 1: You'll Need Jewelry Making Pliers

1)  Flat Nose Pliers
2)  Wire Cutters
3)  Optional Round Nose Pliers
<p>Why would you want to make it a size larger than the size that you want?</p>
the wire bunches which reduces the size. you will want to account for that. you can experiment as well. wish you the best.
<p>I got one of my mom's earrings. an oval of brown and black agate - 1&quot; x 11/16&quot;, that my dad made for her and was looking for a way to turn it into a masculine ring. This looks good! </p>
I HAVE to make this.....
Thank You :)
Yeah, its pretty cool. A bit outgoing but I'd sugest it to my friends<br>
It's beautiful! great instructions :)
Thank You
Very nice! Love how the color of the wire and the pearl go together :)
Thank you too. It's something I wear almost everyday.
Stunning. All of the elements are in perfect balance and complement each other well.
Thank you so much.

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