Picture of How To Make A TV On Minecraft
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Step 1: Making A Place To Put It

Picture of Making A Place To Put It
Make a place to put the TV and make it more than 5 blocks high.

Step 2: Making The TV

Picture of Making The TV
13 9:08 AM.jpg
Using black wool make the TV as high and wide as you want to. Then redo this step to make it 2 blocks thick.

Step 3: Puting The Glass And Light In

Picture of Puting The Glass And Light In
13 9:08 AM.jpg
Put glowstone in the centre and then put glass panels on in front you can also make an optional sound system out of wool to.

Step 4: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
Thanks for reading my very first instructable hope you liked it.
Cool =] !
great first ible! keep it up!