How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk





Introduction: How to Make a Tactical Tomahawk

Step 1:

You need to sketch out a design on to a sheet of steel.

Step 2:

You then need to cut out the steel. ( I messed up on mine.)

Step 3:

After you've done that you should have something like this

Step 4:

You should remove the burs and put a good edge on the blade

Step 5:

You now new to harden and temper the steel. ( ill do another instructable on that, I dont want to have a mile long instructable)

Step 6:

You should now clean up your edge and mark and drill holes for the handle. ( I'm doing a paracord handle)( when drilling ALWAYS use clamps!)

Step 7: Optional

You can paint at this point, I chose not to

Step 8:

Now time to wrap, i think you guys don't need too much instruction on it.

Step 9:

Continue this all the way down and when you get to the bottom pull both ends through and tie a square knot and melt the ends together

Step 10:

And your done! If you make this PLEASE DON'T do anything stupid with it. Feel free to comment.



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Questions & Answers


I'd would have left alittle more steel were the head connects to the handle so it dosn't bend or break

I used 1/8 mild steel from a local steel supplier

What kind of steel did you use and where did you buy it from?

Hey guys, thanks, if you have an Instagram you should follow me, I post most of my projects on it.

awesome!!! this is what I was looking for. almost the idea I had!!!! by the way I have those shoes.

A bit made for metal, get a very high tpi saw blade. Also go have the jigsaw on a very slow speed

you used a jig saw to cut metal? I just have to try that when I make my knives, before I just used a grinder and it worked fine except it assent very accurate. What kind of bit did you use?

It was only for show when I took the photos