Step 2: Cutting the Ball

Take your scissors & carefully cut two holes in either side of the tennis ball. If you have a drill, you will drill the holes.

Look guys. just think about it, if tennis balls were harmful to your dog big stores like PetSmart & Petco would not put them in there stores. They are extremely careful, putting every toy they sell, through more test than you can count. They have all kind of professional, such as Vets, that study each toy before it goes to their stores. The liability would be to great to put toys in their stores that are not safe. You can probably find on the packaging for these toys a warning not to leave your dog unattended while playing with the toy. If you don't follow the directions then you may have a problem. Not the manufacturers fault, it's yours. So follow the direction on the package.
tennis ball is really a BAD&nbsp;idea for your dog. It's bad for their tooth.<br />
Not sure what type of dog you have but mine has been playing with tennis balls for 4 years with no ill effects!
no<em> visible </em>effect.<br />
http://manteega.com/packlunch/articles/tennisballteeth.htm<br /> http://www.dogsincanada.com/tennis-ball-hazards<br /> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080623132452AAxL9Ei<br /> http://tennis.about.com/od/faqballs/f/faqballs13.htm<br /> <br /> This website suggest it might not be the ball itself, but the dirt it collect:<br /> http://sitk9sit.blogspot.com/2009/10/are-tennis-balls-good-for-your-dog.html<br />
&nbsp;Is that a Visla in the picture, I have one!!<br /> <br />
You can get plenty of free tennis balls by walking around the outside of your local tennis court<br />
forgot about that! when i was a kid i lived next to a tennis court, free balls all the time, well...sort of.

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