Picture of How To Make A Tennis Ball Tug Toy For Cheap
WIth a few everyday household items, you can make a tennis ball tug toy for your dog.

I have recently started a DIY pet blog called Bloggie Stylish where you can find cool tutorials like this one.
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Step 1: Tools And Supplies You Will Need

Picture of Tools And Supplies You Will Need
Your need an old dish towel, a tennis ball and a pair of scissors to cut a hole in the ball. You can use a drill if you have it. The hemostat clamps are optional, but it makes pulling the strips through the ball easier. If you don't have a pair of hemostats, you can use a screw driver to push the dish towel strips through the ball.

Step 2: Cutting The Ball

Picture of Cutting The Ball

Take your scissors & carefully cut two holes in either side of the tennis ball. If you have a drill, you will drill the holes.

Step 3: Cutting The Dishtowel Strips

Picture of Cutting The Dishtowel Strips

Cut three 2 inch strips from the dish towel on the long side. Bundle the strips and place a knot at one end of the bundle. Poke the hemostat through both ends of the tennis ball, grasp the end of one of the strips and pull the strip through the holes. repeat this for the other two strips

Step 4: Braiding The Dish Towel Strips

Picture of Braiding The Dish Towel Strips
Once all the strips have been pulled through the ball, braid the strips together and tie a knot in the end to keep the strips from unraveling

Step 5: The Finished Toy

Picture of The Finished Toy
There you have it, a dog toy that you made for the grand total of ZERO dollars!