Picture of How To Make A Tesla Turbine (Greenest Turbine)
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If you like this instructable please vote for it in the Epilog Challenge coming up. I have spent alot of time and effort trying to make this easy to understand and easy for anyone out there to do. I hope you enjoy and please rate and vote.

This Instructable will show you how to construct a turbine from reused parts and a couple of new materials. This turbine can achieve speeds of up to and possibly accede 15,000-20,000 running speed rpm's and top rpm's reaching around 30,000 to 35,000. This project can be run on about 40 psi but I have run mine on up to 100 psi and it will really started to scream (I would not sugest running it with that much pressure for more than a few seconds, I was just testing it to see what it could do, it was very dangerous and it could have or was close to flying apart). But to make this project even greener you could run it on steam. Or put it downstream and direct water flow to it and run it just as a hydroelectric plant, this turbine is very strong and versitile. Also please rate this instructable.

The reason for making this instructable is because I have been scanning the internet and to make one of these and the outcome of it will either not look very nice or they are very hard to find materials to make them or the materials are too expensive and usually the directions are very complicated and leave parts out. If any of you feel that I have left any parts out please leave a comment and I will try to put them into my instructable and if you have any trouble with any of this please make me aware of it and I will help you out.***PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTABLE BEFORE STARTING YOUR BUILD.

Also something that I would love to see done is to have someone build a boiler, this turbine and a small r/c vehicle that could be powered by this. You could even put a generator on the turbine to power the electronic parts of the car. Although you would need to gear it down a bit so it has more torque and less rpm's but if anyone does this or has seen it done please let me know so I can see it.

I am not liable for your versions of this and for this failing horribly and hurting someone so please do not run this on any more than about 70 psi and don't run it too long with that much pressure it will spin at around 15,000 rpm's at about 40 psi which should be good enough unless you are showing it off to friends or family, then crank it up but don't blow it up.

***Update, After seeing what this project could do I am now deciding what kind of motor to put onto this to actually power something and I am working on a copper exhaust system that will come together like the headers of a car to direct the exhaust flow upwards instead of straight out. I will be putting on how to build and attach these things within the next two to three weeks. I will post sometime soon.

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kim.sobota24 days ago

Howdy from Texas. I've been designing a Tesla turbine for the past year now and have been looking for a test model to proceed with my idea. Your model looks like a plausible candidate. Thanks for the info and I'll be getting back to you as things progress.

After reading some of Tesla's documentation on the subject that is available on Tesla Coil Assoc. of America. it is interesting to note that this turbine can not only be used as a motor but it can also be used as a pump.

Once again thanks for the concept, I'll see about taking some pictures of my experiments as time goes on for documentation purposes. I am hoping to create a commercial model of my project.

by the way, the turbine that I am standing in front of is the right engine of one of my company's 787. Think of the commercial application of a Tesla turbine on an aircraft; no this is not my idea; just a fun thought.

Erribalt5 months ago

could you show us a water adaptation of this design? i figure you'd just not have vents and have one clear exhaust but i'd still like to see how it works

Why do you wrap the incoming air around the body of the turbine.  I would think a straight in air pipe would be simpler and not have additional friction of the bends.
Pardon if I sound ignorant, but would be better to have the end of the tubing a conical shape? To increase initial pressure blowing into the turbine?

Check out this video by the great Walter Lewin, it discusses the principle that I think you are misunderstanding.

mholsapple made it!6 months ago

Instructions were easy to follow. Although it will take a bit of machinist experience, it is easy to build. Got mine up to 25K rpm! Used hybrid bearings which I think helped

izzybusy9 months ago

where is the energy going? how can I hook one up to store energy in a battery?

billzball9 months ago

have you tried drilling exhaust port's on both end. also have you thought of using a venture effect like in a carborator from a car as this would incress your air speed as it would enter into the tesla turbine'

tyldob3 years ago
Can a Tesla turbine run on steam? I have been trying to find a way to make a portable power supply that can be fuelled on the cheap. Water is cheap(ish) :D
mr sethm tyldob10 months ago

certainly but requires a large volume of it so a flash boiler is recomended

aeshtiaghi1 year ago
mstehmeier2 years ago
what are you measuring in those pictures?
cause your starting from the edge of the hole, and thats not the center of the other hole
Oddball162 years ago
So I built this turbine in accordance with "Most" of the instructions on this web page. However, my turbine does not spin very fast at all. Mabye a few hundred RPM's. The only thing I deviated from was the spacers I used. Instead of the platter spacers the instructions calls out for I used some nylon spacers I found laying around. Because of this I had to use 4 more platters (total of 14) to fit on the axle I assume because these spacers are a bit thinner than the disk platter spacers.

My question is: Will it not spin fast because of the distance between platters. My suspicions lie with that the gap between the edge of disk platters to the inside of the 4" PVC is to great. What are your thoughts?

BTW, the turbine I built looks great. Ill try and post pics soon.
Ok, so I remedied my RPM dilemma that concerned me as stated above. All I did was use cork gasket to decrease the distance between the outer edge of disk platters and the I.D. of the 4" PVC. The turbine now runs really fast. I have a tach on order but havent checked the speed just yet. Very happy with the results of this turbine though. Cheers
jimbo-g2 years ago
Could you just put up a few annotated pictures? or annotate all your pictures =p and im really interested in making this and im curious why youre using the hard disc platters? would any metal do or do they need to be magnetised?
jimbo-g2 years ago
what would be the risks of reducing the number of exhaust ports. im just thinking that it would increase the pressure in the system (more of a bottle neck) which might make it run on lower psi to give the same effect? Is that just stupid and dangerous? =p maybe make them slightly smaller
fami12 years ago
threedeenut2 years ago
You can use tesla turbines for a variety of different things. It is important to recognize that the turbine is reversible. So, if you drive the shaft with power (electric motor) the turbine becomes a pump. They apparently make very good pumps too requiring very little energy to run. There is an ongoing project called seabird where an old navy ship is being converted into a tesla turbine driven ship. Im learning about the turbines and have a drawing for one. Maybe Ill make an instructable. I have access to a good machine shop where I can manufacture parts, but i wouldn't consider it a DIY @home project as I will have some help and lots of good tools (lathe, milling machine, cnc machine, etc.). I just want one for my desk at work so it will be a functional homage and art piece for the hero of mine that is tesla.
monishgogri3 years ago
Hi man, wat did u use as ur source fr the air flow??
jliberman133 years ago
Does anyone now where you could get used hard drives for free in Texas, specifically San Angelo? I could try my highschool, but I don't know if they have any harddrives that they could give to me. Thanks for everyone's help!
lost20103 years ago
Higher RPM Horse Power
vruiz33 years ago
what exactly is a tesla turbine?
tyldob3 years ago
Ignore that last one, just read the description :P
daaaang!0_0 at first i was all like "sounds fun" :3 now im all like 'sounds kompicated' :/ how much did it cost u 2 m8k dis?
Apparently spelling is complicated as well.
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Domo Arigato!
(removed by author or community request)
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(removed by author or community request)
I was just having some fun with the spelling is all, anyway don't you think this argument is kinda silly. I mean we're arguing about typing skills *_*
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thanks im glad you understand and thanks for the apology
whats its use for???????pls answer!!!!!i liked the project and would like to make it!!!but can u tell me where its basically used nd whats its application???
Basically it's used to translate motion of air, water, etc into rotation of the device. It then acts as a flywheel, you could attach an electric motor to it to generate electrical power.
i always wondered... do you need to attach a generator to it? why not just attach magnets to the platters, and coil wire around it?
I think itd be cool to run a car off it
gabbbee3 years ago
How much horsepower does this create and would this size turbine be able to power a go cart?
high rpm, low torque. no, it couldn't power a go kart.
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