Introduction: How to Make a Texas Bookend

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In this instructable I am going to be making a knife stand in the shape of my home state, Texas.

Step 1: Materials

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Scrap wood(I'm using pine, anything will work)
Wood glue
Safety glasses
Clamp(Not pictured)

Step 2: Cut Out Piece to Shape

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I already have a template since I made a coaster in the shape of Texas a year or so ago. All you have to do is trace and cut out on the bandsaw to get the desired shape.

Step 3: Cut Base

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I using a plywood as my base. Trace out rectangular pattern and cut out. You can cut the base in any shape but square edges will work a lot better.

Step 4: Sand

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Sand all the edges except the bottom of Texas in order to attach it to the base.

Step 5: Attach Base

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To attach the base I am using wood glue but you could use nails, screws or a combo of glue and those too.

Step 6: Finish Sand

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Sand any dried glue, rough edges, pencil marks or blemishes on the wood.

Step 7: Stain

For a more finished look you can stain or paint the wood. Since I am going to put this in my closet I am just going to leave the wood plain.

Step 8: Test and Show Off!

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There you go! Now you have a Texas bookend to show off and keep books from falling over! Thanks for looking at my instructable!


tomatoskins (author)2015-03-11

Oh how I love Texas! I lived everywhere from San Antonio to Round Rock.

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