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Hi guys today We are going to show you how to make a pen stand
Things you need is :
2.a cardboard box
3.colour tubes
4.paint brushes
6.scale & pencil marker

Made by Vachan and Pravachan

Step 1:

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Take the cardboard box and cut the upper layer of it as shown in the picture

Step 2:

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Take an a4 sheet and cover the cardboard

Step 3:

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Take the colours and paint it and make sure that the facing side should not be painted

Step 4:

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After completing it ,leave the box aside for 15minutes

Step 5:

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After it dries draw a smiley face on the facing board which looks like this
Hope you enjoyed it


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Bio: I am Vachan Traize and brother's name is Pravachan Traize. We both are doing.
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