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Need a simple, easy to make tool organizer? I had the thought that it would be better to have a vertical tool organizer instead of having the tools lie all over the work area. Using styrofoam and cardboard, an effective tool holder is made.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this simple project, you will need cardboard, styrofoam (EPS foam, actually) a craft knife or box cutter, a hotwire machine if possible, some glue and a rubber band.
elbardalet3 years ago
Great idea.Thanks
I will use, but I will try to use a some plastic instead of carton.
I live close to ocean, and carton or paper in contatc with with tools produce corrosion. (paper absorb humidity)
Kesthie6 years ago
You could make over an old toaster to have it hold your tools too. I somehow had thought your picture was a toaster until I clicked on your instructable and saw the much bigger picture.
Bushie Kesthie3 years ago
I like that idea, as it had also looked like a toaster to me as well ~ stripping out a defunct old toaster and fitting a foam holder like this inside could produce a nice lightweight hybrid ~

a tough stainless steel exterior to protect the foam and hold everything snug; and maybe rivet a handle on one end to make it easy to carry.

A nice and neat way to carry 12 - 15 commonly-used tools around ~ and zero cost, for those who already have a few scraps kicking around their w'shops...
I've been thinking about styrofoam strips lately, and what i could do with it. This is great except I'm gonna do what Lord Vek did. YaY!
tlh-in-tlh4 years ago
This is a really great idea! And, if you never permanently attach them together, you can just pull out the tools and holders needed for a particular job.
aashilrv4 years ago
Screwerman4 years ago
wow is fantastic.
is simple,
is fast,
is usable.
Creativeman (author)  Screwerman4 years ago
Thanks for comments!
 Terrific idea~~~!
Lord_Vek5 years ago
Μy friend, you gave me the idea. This is what I made. Thank you!!!
how did you make that hand thing?

Maybe  wrap it in  brown grocery bags and glue it --rubber stamp it or paint it so it looks nice. I love the use of scraps of styrofoam.!!!! AWESOME
Creativeman (author)  haunted_lady5 years ago
Thanks, h_l, I think you are right! Maybe I will knock at a new version soon, that would be Tool Organizer 2.0. Cman
 You could even collage glue in left over machine parts to make it look man up :)
monter6 years ago
Smart and good.
davee52uk6 years ago
If you were to use wood and white glue instead of the white plastic it would be immensely strong
It's not plastic, but styrofoam, and it is strong already. It would take quite a bit of woodworking to make it from wood, anyway.
Not with a table saw =D
You would need to do some routing... Not too challenging, but to do it for each tool??? For something like a toolbox drawer organizer I would go the extra mile and route it, but for a simple organizer like this I would stick with styrofoam.
Ah, to be honest, I didn't read up to step 2, so I didn't realize you had shaped the foam to the tools like that.
Looks great!
terf6 years ago
nice, i shoulda thought of something like that since i have lotsa small hand tools at home. Plus i have a lot of useless styrfoam and cardboard lying about. Thanks!
Ravenelle6 years ago
I may use this idea for my desk supplies (pens, pencils, markers etc..) and just not use the styrofoam. Really cool. :]
you r the man
ausable6 years ago
That's a very good storage idea. Especially if you need to travel around with a bunch of tools. Good job!
Creativeman (author)  ausable6 years ago