A tooth fairy pillow that hangs on your child's door knob is much easier for the tooth fairy to access than a tiny tooth hiding under a pillow. Follow these simple steps to make your own tooth fairy pillow. A great gift to make for (or with) a loose-toothed child in your life! This is a great gift (and craft) for 5-7 year olds. Happy Crafting! Fondly, Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

Step 1: Supplies and Cutting Fabric

You will need:
2 - 8" x 8" square pieces of fabric
(Note: it's really cute if you use two contrasting patterns)
1 - 4" x 4" piece of colored felt (to use as pocket)
1 - small piece of white felt cut in the shape of a tooth (approximately 3" tall by 2.5" wide)
10-12" piece of ribbon to use as hanger for pillow
Needle and embroidery floss (white, brown, blue, or colors of your choice)
Pinking shears are optional but add a nice finish to the edge of the pocket.
Sewing machine or needle and thread to hand sew.

Step One: Cut out your fabric. So you have 2 (even) 8" squares.
I mark mine with a marker and a ruler but you might want to use chalk or a pencil if you're working with light colors. This is a step kids can help do.
<p>Normasdollboutique Such a cute and easy way to make a tooth fairy pillow. Love it!!!</p>
I really like this gift idea! Thanks for sharing.<br>
Very cute!&nbsp; Nice job with the step by step directions~
This is a cute idea, and simple enough for people with basic sewing skills.

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