How to Make a Transforming LEGO Gun





Introduction: How to Make a Transforming LEGO Gun

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It's a gun that transforms into 3 things: a camera, a gun, and a mounted gun.

Step 1: Get the Pieces

You'll need: 2 vents 1 1x2 plate with a bump on it (Lol) 1 telescope 1 slanted brick 1 1x1 weird plate 1 cylinder 2 studs 2 curved bricks 1 1x1 weird brick 1 circular plate and 1 megaphone

Step 2: The Back

I'll be showing all steps by pics (I don't like explaining by typing :P)

Step 3: The Gun

Step 4: Put Them Together

Step 5: Transformation From Camera to Gun

Step 6: How to Mount the Gun

That's it! Hope it's cool for LEGO fighting and Star Wars ( it is mini figure size)!



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    If you liked this, be on the lookout for my coming up transformers! Flashback, based off of G1 Soundwave, is coming up!

    Thank you! I will be starting a new generation of instructables during this year.