How to Make a Tron Data Disc





Introduction: How to Make a Tron Data Disc

So I bought 30 grams of blue glow in the dark powder. and decided to try my hand at a grown up Tron Data Disc. I got the idea from Mat Browns glow in the dark shelves.

This is a 10" maple disc that I turned on the lathe and used a 1/8 inch bench chisel to cut the grooves.

After that it was just a matter of mixing up the powder. My confession here is that I thought the powder would be enough to tint the epoxy blue. I wasn't aware it would dry clear. Next time, I would totally tint the epoxy.

After that, sand the glue flush and add a finish. Charge it in the sunlight and enjoy the cool effect in the dark!



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    you could use one of them ring frisbees to make one so then you could through the disk just like it

    I'm pretty sure that the tracfone symbol is a tron disc

    I love this.

    I am not from here

    what is TROn

    Tron is a movie from the early 80s. There was a sequel a couple years ago.

    The new one was cool, but it didn't speak to me the same as the original.

    Agreed. Still, it was decent in its own right. I'd heard that there was to be a third but it got shelved. Too bad, it could have made a good series ending from the teaser bits I saw.

    Equally as disappointed at Akira ' s demise...

    This is so cool but if you added a clock mechanism it would look like a sophisticated clock during the day while turning into a data disk at night :) awesome instructable, I love your channel and ideas

    As Tron is one of my fav. movies, this is very very cool. Awesome job!