Picture of How To Make A Turk's head Knot With Paracord
A turk's head knot is a three strand braid that is worked into a continious circle. It is commonly used as a slide for a neckerchief or to decorate tool handles.

If you would like to see how I incorporated the turk's head knot into a a dog leash project, please visit my blog.

The tools that you need are very basic. You will need a woodburning tool, a mandrel (I used a pen) which is used to form the knot and a length of paracord.
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Step 1:

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Find the center of the paracord with the pen

Step 2:

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Complete the round turn.

Step 3:

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Wrap the right hand end so that it lies underneath the left hand end

Step 4:

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Continue with the right hand strand and cross over the first wrap.

Step 5:

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Now tuck the strand underneath the left hand strand.

Step 6:

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Lay the left hand strand over the second wrap and tuck under the first wrap.

Step 7:

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Turn the pen over so that you are looking at the back of the knot.

Step 8:

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Cross the top wrap over the bottom wrap.

Step 9:

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Take the bottom strand and thread over the bottom wrap and under the top wrap.

Step 10:

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Take the top strand and thread it under the top wrap and have it pass over the bottom wrap. Now gently tighten the knot so that it looks even.

This is the basic Turk's head knot. If you want to add more wraps, take your loose ends and "chase" the wrapped strands that you have made.

Step 11:

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Slide the knot off the pen and cut off the excess paracord

Step 12:

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Melt the ends of the paracord with the wood burning tool and you're done!