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Introduction: How to Make a USB Cable Flash Drive

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You open your bag in silence and pull out your laptop and grab a USB cable and people look to you surprised  and say " What does he think hi€™s going to do with that USB cable?!!" You plug it in your laptop and continue on with your work.

If you are bored and would like to change the appearance of your flash drive, let me show you how I improved the look of mine!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Old USB cable
A small flash drive / a small SD card and a small SD Card Reader you can find it here
(in my case i didn't find a small flash drive that could fit in my usb cable so i used a small SD card and a small SD card reader)

Step 2: Open the Cable

We will make a cut in the middle between the two edges of the cable as shown.
Then we will be able to remove the old USB Jack and insert the new flash drive or new card reader.

Step 3: Remove the Old USB and Insert the Flash Drive

Remove The Old USB and  the Flash Drive.
Try to remove the old USB with pliers; then cut the wires and replace it with the new flash drive or the new card reader.
Push it in there as shown.

Step 4: Secure the Flash Drive or the Card Reader in Place

Secure the flash drive or the card reader in place with tape; then cut the tape as shown.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now we will cut the wire to make it shorter, then strip the wires as shown and bend it.
That is all there is to it! See how easy that was? Thanks for viewing my Instructable and have a nice day! 

Step 6: Done!!

Now you have it , enjoy it. Please comment, follow, rate, and vote for the contest , have a good day.

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    guys, i want to do a project but don't know that much about tech can you people please help me out a little bit [also i don't know if it's(the project) possible so..] plz help


    Question: Where does the wires from the USB cord go on the SD card. My friend is making this homemade.

    Why doun't you just hot glue it closed so there would be a smaller seem and less sticky electrical tape

    This is truly excellent! I've had several flash drives taken, but I bet this one will fly under the thieves' radar- nice one, Mahmoud.

    2 replies

    I specifically read this for that. I "lost" one 3 days ago.

    thx man and please upload the picture of it and post it in a comment

    Oooh, I just thought of something, take this but instead of tape use super glue (carefully), so it looks more realistic. Or carfully use epoxy on the inside of the cut edges and glue it that way, or heat up the cut edges slightly and hold them together and then when cooled sand off excess plastic (if there is anyway). Just my thoughts, cool project though. (thumbs up)

    1 reply

    thank you :D i will try next time :D

    Hey congratulations on being a finalist in the hack it contest! Good luck to you!

    1 reply

    You have to solder some electronic parts at the end of the cable! That looks cool!

    1 reply

    this is mine... i used my old 8 GB Toshiba Flash Drive...n xcept using black tape i used FeviQuick...

    2 replies

    wow look cool man , thank you for posting this picture

    thank you for this amazing idea