How to Make a Userbar in GIMP





Introduction: How to Make a Userbar in GIMP

This is a tutorial on how to make a userbar in the free program, GIMP.

-Make a New Image 350x19.
-Fill it with a gradient.
-Make a new layer and fill it with black.
-Click Script-Fu,Alchemy,Erase Every Other Row,OK.
-Then do the same thing except where it says rows, change it to Collumns.
-Make another new layer.
-Make a Semi-Circle that Goes about halfway down the image and fill it with white.
-Change the opacity of this layer to 40.
-Deselect Everything.
-Now Add Text. Make sure it is white,font Visitor TT2 BRK, and size 13 px.
-Duplicate the layer.
-On The text layer below the other one, right click and hit layer to image size.
-Then right click it again and hit alpha to selection.
-Click Select,Grow,OK (make sure you grow it by 1 px).
-Fill the layer with black.
-Open up a render and cut it out. Paste it on the UserBar and click the new layer button to make it its own layer.
-Size it to fit.
-Right click the layer dialog box and hit flatten image.
-Then save it as a png. and remember where you saved it.

For more examples of UserBars go to:
For more information on UserBars go to:

Thanks For Watching My Tutorial, I hope You learned something!



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    Jeez, I don't have all of that script-fu stuff, and I downloaded the portabe version too!

    I know, I just recently updated my portable version and it doesn't have script-fu either. To do this without script-fu, just make a transparent layer than fill it with black. Then erase the lines by hand. They should only be one pixel wide. Hope this helps.

    where did you get all of that script fu stuff in gimp from. mine didn't come with it.

    hereMine came with it. I use the portable version which you can get here

    That's pretty cool, looks kind of like glass/web 2.0ish. Thanks for the vid!