Introduction: How to Make a Userbar in GIMP

This is a tutorial on how to make a userbar in the free program, GIMP.

-Make a New Image 350x19.
-Fill it with a gradient.
-Make a new layer and fill it with black.
-Click Script-Fu,Alchemy,Erase Every Other Row,OK.
-Then do the same thing except where it says rows, change it to Collumns.
-Make another new layer.
-Make a Semi-Circle that Goes about halfway down the image and fill it with white.
-Change the opacity of this layer to 40.
-Deselect Everything.
-Now Add Text. Make sure it is white,font Visitor TT2 BRK, and size 13 px.
-Duplicate the layer.
-On The text layer below the other one, right click and hit layer to image size.
-Then right click it again and hit alpha to selection.
-Click Select,Grow,OK (make sure you grow it by 1 px).
-Fill the layer with black.
-Open up a render and cut it out. Paste it on the UserBar and click the new layer button to make it its own layer.
-Size it to fit.
-Right click the layer dialog box and hit flatten image.
-Then save it as a png. and remember where you saved it.

For more examples of UserBars go to:
For more information on UserBars go to:

Thanks For Watching My Tutorial, I hope You learned something!


YellowZealot (author)2009-09-04

Jeez, I don't have all of that script-fu stuff, and I downloaded the portabe version too!

redfox1160 (author)YellowZealot2009-09-04

I know, I just recently updated my portable version and it doesn't have script-fu either. To do this without script-fu, just make a transparent layer than fill it with black. Then erase the lines by hand. They should only be one pixel wide. Hope this helps.

rocketman221 (author)2008-10-29

where did you get all of that script fu stuff in gimp from. mine didn't come with it.

redfox1160 (author)rocketman2212008-10-30

hereMine came with it. I use the portable version which you can get here

whatsisface (author)2008-09-04

That's pretty cool, looks kind of like glass/web 2.0ish. Thanks for the vid!

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