How to Make a Username Finding Batch File


Introduction: How to Make a Username Finding Batch File

This instructable shows you how to create a batch file that shows your username on the screen.There is no real use for this but it is fun anyway

Step 1: The Code

Now Copy and paste this code into note pad
@echo off
title Jake Hallidays Username Finder
echo %username%

Step 2: Saving the File

Now save the file as JakeHalliday'sUsernameFinder.bat

Step 3:

a file should be created that looks like this
open it and your user name should appear like this

Step 4: Thank You

thank you for using the software and learning about batch files



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    Perhaps if you turn this into a working command and it could list all the usernames on the computer it could have a use.

    i said it had no real use in the intro!

    One question not to sound negative, but wouldn't they already know their username :-)

    Print the username vertically (one character per line):

    rem ------------------------------
    SET Iam=%username%
    for /l %%i in (0, 1, 32) do @ (
    SET TheChar=!Iam:~%%i,1!
    IF [!TheChar!] NEQ [] ECHO !TheChar!
    rem ------------------------------

    I'm a professional, please don't try this at home! :)

    I tested this on Windows 8, but it should work on previous versions.