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Whether you're a Twilight fan or just into all things gory, here's how to make a vampiric pie that your guests would love to sink their fangs, er, teeth into. Fresh strawberries are the "bloody" base for this sinful sweet!

Step 1: Make The Crust

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Ingredients For A One-Crust Pie (10 inches)

1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup vegetable shortening
1 to 4 tablespoons cold water.

Preheat oven to 475 degrees.

Mix flour and salt in a large bowl.

VAMPIE TIP: Double this recipe if you intend to make two pies, or if you'd like to use these for a double-crust pie.
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Oh please. Twilight doesn't have any vampires, only sparkly zombies.
How DARE you insinuate that Edward is a zombie! Don't you know how GREAT and Wonderful and SEXY zombies are?! You're just jealous that you aren't a rotting pile of flesh looking to devour all living creatures in its path! ... ... Sorry, I couldn't help mocking the Twi-tards. I would have done the whole reversed-cap and misspelled thing, but I can't push myself to that level of stupidity. Even I, in all my depravity and wise-assery, cannot go that far.
I'm a Vampire i don't go around sparkling yeah suck that!! =P
good one.
Try that
Hehe, thats the best twilight comment i have ever seen! You sir, get 2 points.
i love that, i like the books, films are doable, but i LOVE the sparkly zombie comment XD
yah sparkly zombies :D
planethalia3 years ago
These are such great pie crust instructions! Perfect for the pie crust impaired, like myself. One thing that would make this instructable perfect would be to have all the ingredients for the entire recipe on the first page.
OobiiboO7 years ago
sorry to break this to you but twilight is incorrect since when can vampire go in the sun and not burn vampires are compelled to suck blood and vampires can be killed in many other ways than being chopped up and burned, like a steak through the heart sorry to burst your bubble but Stephenie Meyer didnt do her research from A.T.L member Oobi
Stephenie Meyer used her own fictional point of view to put a new spin on vampires... its just a story, or do you really believe that strongly about vampires? Sheesh get over it.
I have to say I definitely agree. :D

As for this instructable; the end product looks very delicious! I'd love to try it.
Yeah yeah I know its a her own book.. But it fails. You see vampires have been bloodsucking, sun burning things. They are that way because the first one made a deal with the devil. This has been the understanding for along time and now she decides they can be loving creatures that shine in the sun. I’m sure the story is fine but I know that vampires are evil creatures.
sonaps OobiiboO6 years ago
You abide to stereotypes you have been told your entire life, when you are really only thinking about the classico European vampires. In some African and Australian cultures vampires simply had more power at night, and in others they drank blood only to heal. Know what you speak of before opening your mouth (or in this case, put your fingers on the keyboard).
MacLean sonaps6 years ago
we argue because its what humans do
hmmmm u think were not real, oh how wrong u are
FICTIONAL view on vampires?!?!?!?!?!? you mean they aren't real?!
dont worry about them, we are real
Go read Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan he reinvents the way people think of vampires.
Damn right son!
i like that series
Stephenie Meyer made explanations for it through the whole series, I remember that stuff like 'vampires burn in sunlight' was ,in the series, just another way to make humans feel better about themselves. There are many different types of "Vampires" in different cultures to, making the subject very diverse. Different cultures can change the mythology we think we know.
and it's a fictional book too.
well, how much do you think you know about us?
cg15 OobiiboO6 years ago
Sorry to burst YOUR bubble, but this is a totally different type of vampire. Myers created a new type in which she broke many of the stereotypes, but still stayed with the facts, just different reasons.
i have two words... party pooper! this is for "fun" ... or did you miss that meeting?
Yeah, but why waste a perfectly good steak on a vampire? Grill it instead.
I lol'd because it's true
coppeis6 years ago
i know what people are going to say but i Hated the book and movie twilight and please stop using vampier tip alot (it got anuning) but other than that great insruktible and pie i made for a hollween party (I know about the speling)
coppeis coppeis5 years ago
I speel bad :D
daltonjcw5 years ago
"   "At First Bite"
    Take a chopstick and poke two "fang" holes into your pie.  "  

                         or a crescent  :)
oobiiboo sorry but there are some vampires called day walker that can walk in the sun and steaks dont kill vampires the paralizes them sorry
wouldn't a stake through the heart kill anybody?
You would be surprised how many things a stake through the heart can kill. >.>
D!cey Braeburn6 years ago
well, apparently, they dont have a heart, so... yeah.
which story says that? Darren Shan's Series called 'Cirque Du Freak' say anything that can kill a human, can kill a vampire. Vampires are strong, but can be killed easily and live to be 10x older than humans.
you use a silver knife to remove the head after. plus day walkers aren't completely vamps.
LisaYum6 years ago
I always got a big whisk and mushed them down :]
thanks! I am planing a twilight party and I think I'll make one (it will be gone in 3 seconds though...) I was looking through the Internet and there aren't a lot of twilight crafts ( mad alice party planning skills). so if you know how to make any more recipes or crafts, post it ASAP!
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