Picture of How To Make A Vintage Kitchy Crafty Gift
I saw this cute little vintage kitchy craft hanging in my grandmothers kitchen some years ago. I believe one of her friends made it for her - so I just had to update the look and make one for myself. Its so easy to make and so much fun to do! With June weddings approaching, I thought what a great little gift to give away at bridal showers or if you just want to have something cute to hang in your kitchen.

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Attach this little poem to the craft:

There are S.O.S pads in my Bra
But don't be misled
They're not for you
But your dishes instead
So untie the bows & clip the stitches
You've gained three dishcloths
But lost you bra & britches
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Step 1: The ingredents

Picture of The ingredents

Here is what you will need to make

3 dish clothes
2 SOS cleaning pads
some ribbon
needle and thread

Step 2: Making the bra

Picture of Making the bra
step 2.jpg
step 3.jpg
With the dish cloth open, place the 2 SOS pads in the middle then fold over the top then the bottom - almost like a burrito shape!

Step 3: Finishing the bra

Picture of Finishing the bra
step 5.jpg
step 6.jpg
step 7 bra top.jpg
With fancy ribbon gather the middle and tie off - finish with a dainty bow.
Then on both sides of the SOS pads use some yarn to gather and tie off - just like as you did to the middle. This will form the bra shape - very easy!

Step 4: Making the pants

Picture of Making the pants
step 9.jpg
step 10.jpg
With the other 2 dish rags you are going to make the pant legs.
Fold over the left then the right sides - you will make another burrito shape - I'm getting hungry!

Step 5: Finishing the pants

Picture of Finishing the pants
step 12 stiching.jpg
step 13.jpg
With a needle and thread run a simple stitch about 2 inches from the top - pull tight to gather then tie off in the back. Do this for both of the dish rags that you folded.

Step 6: Adding the ribbon to the pants

Picture of Adding the ribbon to the pants
step 15.jpg
step 16 legs.jpg
On the bottom of both pant legs use that fancy ribbon to make cute little bows. Gather the bottoms and tie off with the ribbon.
Can you show a person wearing it please
this is so cute I can't wait to make one for me and my mom
mikeasaurus7 years ago
Speaking of 'vintage kitchy craft hanging in my grandmothers' what ever happened to those woolen woven owls with wood (alliteration?), I remember seeing those all teh time when I was growing up. I wonder what will be the decoration the toddlers of today will grow to dislike then update?
You can find them on etsy.com under vintage stuff. :)