I saw this cute little vintage kitchy craft hanging in my grandmothers kitchen some years ago. I believe one of her friends made it for her - so I just had to update the look and make one for myself. Its so easy to make and so much fun to do! With June weddings approaching, I thought what a great little gift to give away at bridal showers or if you just want to have something cute to hang in your kitchen.

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Attach this little poem to the craft:

There are S.O.S pads in my Bra
But don't be misled
They're not for you
But your dishes instead
So untie the bows & clip the stitches
You've gained three dishcloths
But lost you bra & britches

Step 1: The ingredents

Here is what you will need to make

3 dish clothes
2 SOS cleaning pads
some ribbon
needle and thread
Can you show a person wearing it please
this is so cute I can't wait to make one for me and my mom
Speaking of 'vintage kitchy craft hanging in my grandmothers' what ever happened to those woolen woven owls with wood (alliteration?), I remember seeing those all teh time when I was growing up. I wonder what will be the decoration the toddlers of today will grow to dislike then update?
You can find them on etsy.com under vintage stuff. :)

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Bio: thirty something girl that loves crafting and collecting all things vintage!
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