This instructable shows how to make a vise-grip slide hammer. The slide hammer can be used for about anything that you can think of. If you can clamp it with the vise-grips, you will be able to pull what is stuck free.

Step 1: Materials That You Will Need

1. 5" long 2" diameter round stock- mine is P20 2. 16-2mm / 250mm cap head screw 3. Pair of vise-grips 4. 2 16-2mm nuts 5. A center drill 6. 8.5mm drill bit 7. 10-1.5mm tap 8. 5/8 drill bit 9. Tap handle 10. Tap magic cutting fluid 11. Cutting oil 12. Lathe 13. Bench grinder 14. Welder (I use TIG) 15. File 16. 10-1.5 / 25mm cap head screw
<p>Great I'ble -- the amount of uses for a slide hammer are surprisingly high!!</p>
<p>Nice. For anyone wondering if you really need a slide hammer, it's the difference between tearing your hair out for an hour and being done in ten seconds. This is a cool addition.</p>
Really cool!
Dad used this method, except with a threaded hole drilled into the center of a main bearing pin on a printing press. As far as I know, there would otherwise be no way to dig that pin out of its channel, being completely flush with the shaft that it engaged. Non-spooky action at a distance! <br> <br>Mike
now if I just had the tools to make this one...
Cool idea but what would you use this for?
umm dent puller <br>
Very good idea. Now off to the work shop to gather up the materials.
I made something like this a good few years ago and it is a truly 'must have' tool. Thank you very much for having the energy to bring the idea to a wider public :-) <br> <br>I wish you well, <br>Steve.
Excellent idea!
Great hack on traditional tool. We used to use these to clean die casting from injection molding machines. A screw in the vise grips and ya have a dent remover . Well done!!
That is really clever and would definitely come in handy. Well done!

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