How to Make a Vise-grip Slide Hammer





Introduction: How to Make a Vise-grip Slide Hammer

This instructable shows how to make a vise-grip slide hammer. The slide hammer can be used for about anything that you can think of. If you can clamp it with the vise-grips, you will be able to pull what is stuck free.

Step 1: Materials That You Will Need

1. 5" long 2" diameter round stock- mine is P20 2. 16-2mm / 250mm cap head screw 3. Pair of vise-grips 4. 2 16-2mm nuts 5. A center drill 6. 8.5mm drill bit 7. 10-1.5mm tap 8. 5/8 drill bit 9. Tap handle 10. Tap magic cutting fluid 11. Cutting oil 12. Lathe 13. Bench grinder 14. Welder (I use TIG) 15. File 16. 10-1.5 / 25mm cap head screw

Step 2: Face Rough Ends

Chuck the round stock in the lathe and face both ends so that they are true and flat. Use the file to smooth out any burrs.

Step 3: Center Drill

Start your hole for the slide bold through the round stock with a center drill.

Step 4: Drill Hole for Slide Bolt

Use the 5/8 drill but to drill hole through round stock for slide bolt. Be sure to use cutting oil to keep your work piece and drill bit cool. You may also want to drill a medium size pilot hole.

Step 5: Smooth Rough Edges

I use a counter sink bit to smooth out the rough edges and burrs from the hole I just cut for the slide bolt. Be sure to do both ends.

Step 6: Center Drill Slide Bolt

Chuck the 16-2 / 225mm cap head screw in the lathe. Start a hole with a center drill

Step 7: Drill Slide Bolt

Use the 8.5mm drill bit to drill a hole into the bolt. The hole should be about 1.25" deep.

Step 8: Tap Slide Bolt

Use the 10-1.5mm tap, tap handle and tap magic cutting fluid to tap hole in drilled end of slid bolt. Make sure you tap deep enough to shoulder a 25 mm long cap head screw but not too long that you bottom out the tap and rip all the threads out.

Step 9: Join the Slide Hammer and the Slide Bolt

Out the slide handle over the slide bolt and secure with 2 16-2mm nuts. Torque the 2 nuts together at the end if the slide bolt so they don't move.

Step 10: Prep Bolts for Welding

Grind a chamfer on the end of the 10-1.5 / 25mm cap head screw and the bolt from the vise-grips. This allows more weld to penetrate for a stronger bond.

Step 11: Weld Bolts Together

Weld the 10-1.5 / 25mm cap head screw and the bolt from the vise-grips together. I TIG weld everything but MIG or stick will work just fine.

Step 12: Finish

Join the vise-grips and the slide hammer together and your done. You can also make other attachments to go with your slide hammer.



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Interesting variation... Your idea is far simpler to make but will not pull straight, as mentioned in the below video. This will break smaller, more sensitive pieces.

I am not correcting anybody, I am just looking to share some of what I found. I hope you like it.

Great I'ble -- the amount of uses for a slide hammer are surprisingly high!!

Nice. For anyone wondering if you really need a slide hammer, it's the difference between tearing your hair out for an hour and being done in ten seconds. This is a cool addition.

Dad used this method, except with a threaded hole drilled into the center of a main bearing pin on a printing press. As far as I know, there would otherwise be no way to dig that pin out of its channel, being completely flush with the shaft that it engaged. Non-spooky action at a distance!


now if I just had the tools to make this one...

Cool idea but what would you use this for?

umm dent puller

Very good idea. Now off to the work shop to gather up the materials.

I made something like this a good few years ago and it is a truly 'must have' tool. Thank you very much for having the energy to bring the idea to a wider public :-)

I wish you well,