How to Make a Water Elevator





Introduction: How to Make a Water Elevator

About: hi, i am 11 years old. i play minecraft alot. tell me some instructables to do

I will tell you how to make a water elevater

Step 1: Materials

Water,fence gate, blocks (anything), door, glass

Step 2: Start

Build 3 blocks like the picture, expand it by 11 blocks, put a fence gate

Step 3: Blocks and Gate

Leave 1 block and put a block, continue it like a pattern. Put fence gate and mine the blocks.

Step 4: Water

This is hard you should put water on each empty block i putted glass and water like a pattern. Put a door

Step 5: Gates Are Open

Open all the gates

Step 6: Done

This is my house



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    I don't get this thing dude.

    Thats an awesome house

    Very nice. I really liked the way u made it to your house at the end

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