This is a how to on the rubber band waterfall bracelet. It is alot of fun and easy to make! Enjoy!

Step 1: Your Material

For this bracelet i use:
13 yellow bands,
13 red bands,
13 green bands,
13 black bands, (for the background)
An S or C hook,
A loom hook,
And a Cra-z loom.
You don't have to use the same colors i do, whatever you have will work great.
<p>This bracelet is actually called a triple single. </p>
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<p>Thanks very much! I have been finding a tutorial to do this bracelet but they were not showing every step clearly.After following your instructions,I have made a colorful bracelet with yellow,orange,red,blue,pink,purple and orange.Thanks</p>
Reality follower i see what you mean. The black triangles are what hold the bracelet together. Just put a band on all three posts and u have a triangle! Please ask if you have anymore questions or comments!
<p>This is good, but the pics are a little blurry and I was confused on this part &quot;Continue doing that all the way down your loom except for on posts 1,2, and 3.&quot; because in the picture it looks like there are black triangles going all the way up.</p>
<p>thank you so much!!i see the paper but still can't do it..thanks!!!</p>
<p>thank you so much!!i see the paper but still can't do it..thanks!!!</p>
<p>Hey Colone i like your braclets.</p>
<p>your braclet pics are cool</p>
<p>i made the braclet it was hard.but i finally made it with no mess ups.LOL!:):):):)</p>
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