This is a how to on the rubber band waterfall bracelet. It is alot of fun and easy to make! Enjoy!

Schritt 1: Your Material

For this bracelet i use:
13 yellow bands,
13 red bands,
13 green bands,
13 black bands, (for the background)
An S or C hook,
A loom hook,
And a Cra-z loom.
You don't have to use the same colors i do, whatever you have will work great.

Schritt 2: Adding Bands

On the end, place bands across the first posts. Keep doing that all the way down. Use whichever colors you want.

Schritt 3: Developing

After placing a few bands, it should look like the picture above.

Schritt 4: Halfway There!

Now that you have used your first colors, start with your background. Put a band, (preferably black,) on all three posts in one row. Continue doing that all the way down your loom except for on posts 1,2, and 3.

Schritt 5: Finished With The Background

When you loom looks like the picture, you are ready to start putting the bands together.

Schritt 6: Looping The Bands

Put your hook on the INSIDE of the background band, hook the band on the bottom left post, and pull it over to the post in front of it. Do that all the way down on all three rows. Your loom should look like the bottom picture above after doing the first three.

Schritt 7: Almost Done

Once you finish looping the bands, your loom should look like this.

Schritt 8: Finishing It Off

Now, take the bands on post one and three and move them to post 2.

Schritt 9: The Hook

Put a single band through the bands on post 2, loop one end through the other, and pull it tight, but dont break it. Then put the s hook on it.

Schritt 10: The Bracelet

Once you put the hook on, gently pull the bands off of your loom. Connect the hook to the other side, and there you have it! An awesome waterfall rubber band bracelet! Hope you enjoyed! Please post a comment if you like it, have problems, or suggestions. Thanks!
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