How To Make A Watermelon Basket

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Great for parties, school picnics...

Step 1: What you need

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Watermelon, a thin bladed knife, a melon baller, an icecream scoop, a marker, other fruits.
armstk1802 years ago
seriously you are an unique artist ,
Good luck !
superitchy5 years ago
My father used to do this for all of our Fourth of July parties. Once he even made a whale! I don't quite know how to explain how he did it though, but it wasn't too difficult.
zascecs5 years ago
 Two words to describe this:

gamertj6 years ago
this is so easy ive done these all the time in my high school culinary class but i never have the materials to do it at home lol
EverDave6 years ago
I've been making watermelon carved fruit salads for family event since the 70's. ALWAYS a big WOW! Add rum, or not, depending on audience ;) I always cut a sawtooth pattern on the edges with a knife, until I recently bought a "V" fruit cutter that gives me a much more uniform sawtooth than I could ever achieve manually, with a knife. Adds a touch of sophistication...
P.S. I carve the wqatermelon as HipGirl does, then cut out the sawtooth pattern on the edge. You need a nice long knife to cut the basic form, then a finer knife (or tool) to aooly the sawtooth edge. Extra time, but the presentation value is worth it (IMHO).
Bartboy6 years ago
Congrats! featured! ive never been featured.
hipgirl (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Thank you. I'm lucky.
Bartboy hipgirl6 years ago
yes, And I hope you continue make great ibles.
"I just read your instructions for making a watermelon basket filled with fruit. I've made watermelon baskets and one of the problems I've encountered is liquid from the fruits collecting in the bottom of the "basket" which makes the fruit soggy. I corrected this problem with the last basket I made by putting "drainage" holes in the bottom of the watermelon after hollowing it out and before filling with the fruit. I then put the basket in a large oval roasting pan filled with ice cubes (to keep the fruit cold), and the water from the fruit drained into the pan along with the melting ice. This kept the fruit in the basket from getting soggy. Thought you might be able to use this idea.

Guaranteed ROI
hipgirl (author)  williamgeorge6 years ago
Thank you very much. I added your comments in step 7. Hope you don't mind. Thanks. Michelle
canida6 years ago
It looks good! I always like to add fresh herbs (mint, basil, etc) to my fruit salads, and the green watermelon rind would really bring out the hints of color.
SondraC6 years ago
This is not original, and can be found on wikiHow. The original and many other watermelon carvings are found on watermelon.org
canida SondraC6 years ago
SondraC, plagiarism is a serious charge, and completely unfounded in this case -- hipgirl's pictures and descriptions are her own.

Watermelon carving is a classic idea that no one can claim as original, though individuals can put their personal stamp on the broader concept. Even if a similar basket had already been demonstrated on Instructables, this one would also be welcome - part of the ethos of Instructables is learning the same idea or technique from several different teachers, as they will all explain things slightly differently, and add their own personal twist. There's no single "right" way to do things.

In the future, please refrain from leaving comments like the one above, as they are neither positive nor constructive, and as such violate our "be nice" policy. If you do ever come across evidence of plagiarized work, you can PM me directly with the information.
hipgirl (author)  SondraC6 years ago
Wow. Thanks for the tip. Here is the page:


Right the idea is not original. I saw it at a party and tried to make one myself and recorded the steps. The instructions are original enough though. I made them from scratch with step by step pictures.

And I think this one is the simplest and doable for a busy mom like me. I made my first one in 25 minutes.


Bartboy6 years ago
oups! you said use the ice cream scoop to hollow out the PUMPKIN.
hipgirl (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Sorry and thank you. I changed it to watermelon.
Bartboy hipgirl6 years ago
you're welcome, oh, and if you changed your avatar, people will think much more of you, it is a small step, but it looks unprofessional just having a blank face as it.
hipgirl (author)  Bartboy6 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion. Never thought about that. Just uploaded the ribbon ladybug I made. Thanks.
noxvox6 years ago
Adorable! Even though I don't like watermelon, I'll still have to make this. Very ingenious.