How to Make a Wifi Antenna





Introduction: How to Make a Wifi Antenna

This will hopefully show how you to make a wifi antenna and find sum wireless networks...

Step 1: Making It

For this one u will need: Chicken Wire, A Hollow Pipe

1. Place the chicken wire on the pipe centered in the middle as shown in the picture bellow.

Step 2: Attaching the Pipe to the Chicken Wire

Attach The pipe To The Chicken Wire using Tie Wire by sliding it under the pipe and pulling it up as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Attching Wood on the Back to Hold the Wire

Using Tie Wire Attach The Piece Of Wood To The Chicken Wire To Hold The Chicken Wire As Shown In The Image

Step 4: Placing the Usb Wifi Inside

Feed The Usb Wire Through The Pipe and Drill Holes in The Pipe To Hold The Usb in Place As Shown In The Image..

Step 5: The Results

Plug The Usb Into The Pc/Laptop And You Should Get Some Wireless Signals Around Yuor Neighbour Hood



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    had a wifi adapter aimed at a dish in my backyard (adapter at my window) was able to get signal at a school wich is like 20 or 30 blocks up a main road....

    wha? chicken wire? man, that's too coarse. as the rule of thumb, if you use non-solid material as reflector, the holes should be 1/10 lambda or less. since lambda for 2.4ghz like 13cm, you need wire grid with 1cm spacing or less.

    dude itz my first one im a bit of a noob at this ok ? be nice:)

    Thanks for posting this, pokemanlord. I've been wondering how to get more range on wifi. This is the 1st -ible I've seen on it. So I appreciate both the -ible, and any refinements that others mention. Apparently, I'm even more noobish than you in this area.

    Google tels me that 1/2" is about the tightest chicken wire. One could offset 2 layers to get 1/4" ~= 1 cm. Is a solid bit of sheetmetal as good as somethin with holes?

    Sorry if the question's dumb, but I guess the USB wire needs to be attached so some sort of USB wifi device? Or will a regular USB in will do?... how does the conversion to a WiFi module occur? again, sorry if it's dumb.

    i have a nintendo ds lite with pokemon pearl and i like to trade pokemon over wifi at mcdonalds which i live a block away from will a wifi antenna like yours do the job for me here at my house

    I would assume that that is next to impossible. You would need one hell of an antenna to do that...

    Believe me. I've tried.

    haha i have pokemon platinum