This is how to make a steampunk shirt that you can wear in everyday life as well! It's not super simple but it is super cute and worth the effort!


Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Materials needed:
Two stretchy different colored shirts
Sewing machine
Fabric ink or paint
Masking tape

you could have made this alot easier for yourself if you just used the black shirt and bleached the striped onto the top and the band aroun the bottom and then cut the collar so it hung off the shoulder and/or sewn an adjustable tie one on lke you did if you wanted that. alot less sewing cutting and measuring and itd be close to the same effect since black bleaches to about the same color your stripes are. <br> <br>either way its cute but alot of work
what makes this steampunk beyond the colors?<br />
the colours, style, and being as it is a combination of new and old styles, i find it rather steamy but then steampunk is not a set style, its an each to their own thing<br />
&quot; i find it rather steamy but then steampunk is not a set style, its an each to their own thing&quot;<br /> <br /> i would disagree with that...steampunk does have a set guideline being that it's a specific artistic/lifestyle movement....this particular shirt is neat...and looks nice but it's not neo-victorian or steampunkish... there's no brass on it after all. it doesn't give any idea that it's &quot;of a by-gone era&quot; or the fruits of a world powered by steam. most accepted steampunk clothing revolves around the concept of protecting yourself from steam or other steam related accidents (so a lot of worn leathery things or metal stuff). this doesn't really have any of that (or the suggestion of it)<br /> <br /> if it's anything it's just punk...but even that would be a stretch<br /> <br /> not saying it's not a nice shirt...just don't think it's steampunk at all
your username says it all, yes there are the sides of steampunk that revolve around protection but also the formal and relaxed side, i think this works well for the relaxed and more casual aspect. <br /> <br /> you may not agree but your username nullifies your opinion good day to you sir<br /> <br />
Steam punk is also refereed to a NEO Victorian this shirt while nice looks to modern from a fashion standpoint in a few places <br><br>and if you are going to flame ppl just because they disagree with you go to 4chan
I couldn't agree with you more, I myself love this piece! The creator made a very nice piece that can be worn everyday, which is great cause most of the steampunk garments and accoutrements (especially for ladies), are hard to for everyday wear and use....
Very nice. It works as a modern piece on its own, and yet when paired with the right accessories and clothing, it would make a great steam staple as well... I like it. Don't pay mind to people who can't see when something is a -part- of a whole. Sometimes, it can be difficult to see the big picture, or possibilities, that a simple piece can open up.<br /> <br /> For instance, add a wide belt, some good sturdy pants cut right, some tools, and a hat, and boots- you've got a nice middle-working class lady's outfit.<br /> <br /> Add a waist cincher, a lovely skirt, a shawl, some high-heeled boots, a pretty locket and other tinkets, and you've got a high-class casual walk in the park.&nbsp; Both steamy, both awesome. Good job, and congrats on a first instructable!&nbsp;(I'm still trying to work up the courage to even bother starting some of my projects!)<br />
great shirt but in all fairness the bottoms dont match XD, enjoy your 5* and congrats on a great first instructable. <br />

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