If you really want to give a group of full-grown adults a hard time, give them a child's toy. Often it's the simple looking puzzles that can be the biggest challenge and this little wooden puzzle is a great deal harder to put reassemble than it looks. However it is simple to make one. We put together a little walkthrough to show you how to get it done.

Note: As this is a Craftsman-sponsored project, you'll notice a number of Craftsman tools in the photos. But here's a secret: we already owned 'em all. You can, of course, attack this project with tools of your choice.

Drill, Multi-Saw, and Worklight Combo (Craftsman)

Step 1: Pick Your Stock

First begin with whatever sized stock you'd like - in this case a 22"x14" piece of 3/4" ply. It's really not important to pick super nice lumber for this but if you wanted to finish it out with colored oil stains and poly you certainly could. Enamel was in the future for our puzzle so we stuck to ply.
i like how professional it looks for such an easy-sounding project
Sweet robot. Did you have any particular image in mind when you drew it? The head looks very Transformers.

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