For this you will need six 11" long 1x6s and a wood lathe
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Step 1: A Bit Sticky

Start by gluing the six boards together like in the picture above when you are done cut a bit off of each side to ensure they are even
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Rather than having the tool rest parallel to the axis turn it so it is parallel to the cutline. That way you can get it closer to the work.
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<p>If you arrange the blank so the grain of the wood is the top and bottom you don't have to try to hollow out the end grain. </p><p>Another trick is to use the largest Forstner bit you have to initially hollow the cup. This also sets the correct depth and all you need then is a bowl gouge to finish the job.</p><p>j</p>
<p>When sanding on the lathe set the lathe for the slowest speed not the fastest. The faster the lathe turns the more you flatten the grain and the more trouble you will have applying stain.</p>
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<p>I prefer to sand and finish the wood on the lathe- makes the operation better and fasster.</p>
<p>I prefer to sand and finish the wood on the lathe- makes the operation better and fasster.</p>
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Thank you. I will be sure to do an instructables on making a wood plate sometime next week
<p>Very nice work. Love how you did the lid, gonna do this sometime.</p>
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<p>That's because you didn't turn the piece round first. That should be the first thing you do, unless you need to leave it square for the design. Then Turn fast, sand slow. </p>
good work....how about turning a plate next
<p>Hi, Not wanting to be picky but you should really lower the lathe speed for sanding, high speed causes more heat which will ruin some timbers, it also reduces the efficiency of the sanding and it becomes more like polishing. I would also recommend you should move your tool rest closer when turning, the picture of you parting of the lid looks like a recipe for an accident. You may also get a better finish if you try and align the grain before gluing the board so you can make smoother cuts. Just my thoughts but always good to have more turning instructables. </p>
Yes you could use it to drink out of as long as it is completely dry. Would you like me to show how to make a shot glass?
Love your detailed instructions! How about some tall drinking glasses or even shot glasses? Also, is the polycarbonate allow the mug to be used as a drinking vessel?
Thank you for noticing! I know it is the wrong dimension, but I thought everyone just stilled called them 2x4's I will change it though. Glad you guys liked it! Remember to vote for it!
I'm not sure you have listed the correct dimensions for your dimensional lumber. The photo in the first step doesn't look like 2x4s stacked. Maybe 2x10s? Great none the less though! Makes me wish I had a lathe.

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