This instructable will show a step by step process in how to make a custom wooden pen.  There are specific tools you will need to complete this project. 
You will need:
-Pen set
-Wood Block
-Lathe with a 7mm mandrel
-7mm drill bit
-Lathe Chisels
-Finishing Wax
-Super Glue
-Sand Paper
-Hut wax
-Old cloth rag
Making this pen took me about an hour to complete. The longest part is waiting for the super glue to dry.

Step 1:

To begin, you will need to get a pen set and a wood block.  These can be purchased online, or I found this at a store called Woodcraft.  There are various styles of pens that can be made and many different types of wood.  For this instructable i am going to use a wood called Zebra Wood and the style of pen is 7 mm Slimline Pen with color Platnum.
<p>That's not zebra wood. That's snakewood, which is one of the most expensive and rare woods on earth. </p>
<p>The black at the start is snake wood but the images switch to a zebra wood block after cutting the intial bloack, the final pen is in zebra wood.</p>
I found that you can clean out the brass tubes before putting them on the lathe by using a 1/4 inch drill bit spinning backward (it bites less aggressively that way) through the tube. <br> <br>You can also use a case trimming tool from a .243 caliber reloading tool to square the ends of the tube before mounting to the lathe. <br>
Great instructable, my high school shop class has 4 mini-lathes setup for making these, and i find myself on them inbetween larger projects.
What kind of lathe is that?
it's beautiful! I have a small collection of wooden pens, going to add this one very soon :)
Very nice! It's so fancy :)

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