Introduction: How to Make a Xacto Knife

In my second instructable I will be showing you how to make a Xacto knife with basic office supplies it will be small and my version is not retractable, but I will be uploading my other version within the next month or so

Step 1: Supplies

(1) Faber Castell connector pen( color of your choice (1) Sharpener (blade (1) Pair of simple office scissors (1) screw driver to take blade off sharpener

Step 2: Taking the Connector Pen Apart

Clear the connector pen out by taking the gold tip off at the end of your connector pen

Step 3: Taking the Blade Off the Sharpener

Take the blade off by unscrewing the screw you should see a blade similar to the one in the picture.

Step 4: Getting to the Putting Together

Chop the end of the texture off look at picture to refer to were to cut


scott_green made it! (author)2013-06-23

Yeah we'll try and fix that to make it more safe, new version coming soon hopefully it will have a retractable blade.

audreyobscura made it! (author)2013-06-17

this seems dangerous....

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