Introduction: How to Make a Yummy Protein Shake

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Step 1: Ingredients

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Strawberries(frozen or fresh), peanut butter, yogurt, optional: protein drink If you don't use the protein drink use water you will also need a blender

Step 2: Toss 'em In

Put into the blender a full cup of yogurt, 4-6 strawberries, the protein drink(or a cup and a half of water), and 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter

Step 3: Blend!

Blend them all together s thick or as thin as you want. Follow and favorite! -moskiii13


moskiii13 (author)2013-07-15

Thanks! It tastes soooo good

aqua 12 (author)2013-07-15

Lol this is so cool I'm so gonna try this

moskiii13 (author)2013-07-15

By the time I thought of this I had already drank half hahaha so there's no pics of it blending

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