How to Make a Zipper Keychain





Introduction: How to Make a Zipper Keychain

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Supplies ~3strips of plastic lacing 2 the same color and 1 different being a little bit shorter ~keychain hook ~scissors (Make the string as long or as short as you want comparing on what size you want the keychain)

Step 1: Starting It Out

Start by tiring the three strings together and then hook on the chain

Step 2: Making the Zipper

Then make sure the different colored one is one the left of the other strings and take it over the middle string and under the right string and so now it should be on the right of the other strings. Keep doing that until u have no more string left

Step 3: Finishing Your Zipper

Once you've gotten to the bottom of your strings tie another knot to keep it on place! Please comment and make lot of zippers! Thank you!!!;))))



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    Wow that's so cool! And when I was learning to do it I thought ugh tho is gonna be so hard but it's really easy!!

    Here's mineeeeeee :)

    13, 8:21 AM.jpg

    I've been looking for an instructable on this!!!! Thank u!! I didn't realize how easy it is!

    Thanks so much that means a lot to me I'm sure ur very smart to and tell ur brain that its very very nice!!!

    Wow you're good at thinking of ideas and tell your brain that it's also smart. ;-)

    Thanks so much moskiii13

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    Yes you can use SCOOBEEZ strinh

    What is a SCOOBEEZ???

    Please follow me!!!

    Cool idea - I might give it a try with paracord!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Can you use SCOOBEEZ strings?

    Hope you enjoy making my crafts!