Picture of How To Make A iPod Touch Pouch
Just got my iPod touch Gen. 5 and I looked everywhere for a pouch but could not find one so I made one !
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Fabric ( any color you desire) Thread Needle Scissors Zipper ( small) Embroidery cotton

Step 2: Cut Fabric To Size

Picture of Cut Fabric To Size
26 1:24 AM.jpg
26 1:18 AM.jpg
26 1:18 AM.jpg
26 1:18 AM.jpg
I used my iPod as a guide for the size I needed , then I simply began to sew the inner pouch ( made of a silkier fabric which allows the iPod to slide out)

Step 3: Cut Outer Fabric To Size

Picture of Cut Outer Fabric To Size
Cut the " outer skin" out of a thicker fabric for added protection! The inner pouch must be able to fit in this pouch so give it some room Then sew on the zipper to one side for now From the same fabric cut a smaller piece that can attach to the side as illustrated in the image , sew the bottom down

Step 4: Embroidery Cotton Time!

Picture of Embroidery Cotton Time!
26 1:18 AM.jpg
Sew the sides of the small piece of material to the " outer skin" This will leave the tops open

Step 5: Elastic Chord

Picture of Elastic Chord
Make a loop with the elastic chord and sew it to the side This is a function I added to hold the " leash" when the iPod is in the pouch

Step 6: Attach The Zip

Picture of Attach The Zip
Attach the zip to the other half Sew up the other 3 sides and turn it inside out so it now looks seamless Put the inner skin inside the outer skin and sew it just under the zip

Step 7: Use The Elastic To Make More Loops

Picture of Use The Elastic To Make More Loops
Make loops to hold accessories such as earphones!

Step 8: Your Pouch Is Complete

Picture of Your Pouch Is Complete
26 1:18 AM.jpg
26 1:18 AM.jpg
Put your iPod and its accessories in your pouch and slip it in your pocket! You can now carry your iPod touch with ease , without the stress of it being scratched